Shop partnership

Wheee! It’s official!

There’s now a shop that carries my products! It’s in Valparaíso (Chile) and it’s called “Donde tu madre”, in a strategic location within the city. I’m exciteeed!

My illustrated thingies like notebooks and notepads, sticker sets and hand painted greeting cards as well as the glittered mugs will be available for purchase in the shop.

I went to install my stuff a few days ago and I’m still working on optimizing my space, make it look nice and bring new things, so this isn’t the definite look, but I had to share.

The right side of this is mine -and there’s still things missing!

Stickers and greeting cards.. and more stuff coming soon!

New things

I’ve been exploring new ways of making notebooks, and brown paper and shiny covers are among my favorites.

I like everything that has to do with stamping, and a while back I took a class to carve your won stamps, so I can have my own designs that nobody will match exactly, because they’re handmade 🙂

Brown paper hand stamped as covers of these notebooks.

Also, I wanna incorporate recycling as much as I can into my work, and since I haven’t learned how to make recycled paper just yet (I don’t have the space or the tools at the moment 😦 – so I separate them and put them next to the trash so people that sell them can take them), I decided to wrap cereal box covers with shiny paper and make notebooks (because I love them).

And it looks so fancy.