Inktober 27/31

Day 27

As you may already know, I’m prone to headaches and this one accompanied me for quite a few hours (and actually it survived the night and stuck to me next morning, the clingy little bastard), even as I got back home from the dentist in the afternoon and tried to be productive. Needless to say, my energy was drained and I was pretty useless.

(Heh, at least I managed the inktober entry).


Current mood

Inktober 25/31

Day 25

Here, I decided to use two things I’m not very experienced with: the pentel brush pen and the kuretake zig watercolor markers. I’m still unsure the set I got on Amazon for these markers wasn’t half dry already (despite it had the closed packaging and everything), since they seem a lot drier than I saw in demonstrations on youtube. But regardless, I wanna learn how to use them.

I had a sketch I had done a while ago just waiting to be colored 🙂 so I did, and then I made the lines with the brush pen. I think I’m getting slightly better at making consistent thinner lines, though a lot of the lines still came out a lot thicker than intended.. but it’s all good for practice!

I added a little digital background to finish up the piece.

Inktober day 25

Wondering what would it take..

Inktober 24/31

Day 24

Determined to get back into the swing of things, I decided to try some lettering. I’ve seen so many beautiful (and yet simple) pieces where it’s just a word or two + flowers, plants or even stains and it looks so cool.

To make it even more inky, I decided to use colored inks instead of watercolor. After all, I’m never gonna get better with ink if I don’t practice!

Since it’s spring here and I love flowers (despite allergies), I settled for a spring-y theme. And while I post online mostly in english out of habit now and I love the language, I wanted the word to be in my native language, spanish. Primavera means spring ♥

Inktober day 24

Just saying the word out loud makes me happy.

Inktober 23/31

Day 22

On this day, we celebrated my grandma’s birthday again (hahaha) and I got home kinda late.. and then, for some reason, everything I tried to draw came out wrong. It was weird, not as I intended and I couldn’t fix it.. I felt really blocked, frankly.

After several failed drawings, I settled on something I just needed to get out of my chest.

And to be honest, I didn’t like the result either. But I was done trying to make something cool. I just didn’t wanna break my inktober streak. 21 days already, I couldn’t give up just then.


Day 23

Next day, I was still feeling kinda bummed, art-wise. Things still refused to go my way. But, like the day before, I wasn’t gonna give up entirely, I needed my inktober entry!

So while I wanted to do something more complex, I settled on an encouraging quote to cheer myself up, using masking fluid for the lettering and colored inks for the background. While I was still annoyed as I worked, the end result did cheer me up a little, so I call it a success. Also, I hadn’t done lettering in a while! My handwriting may be a little weird, but any practice helps.

Inktober23 ig size+

Tea (& milk) also helps soothe the soul.

Inktober 16/31

Day 16

I always use a small piece of leftover watercolor paper to try out colors before using them on a piece. More often than not, these small pieces of paper have the most varied and cool mix of colors and a very random pattern. Sometimes, they’re rather pretty. I really wanted to emulate those careless and colorful strokes as rain, but while the final result looks fun, it wasn’t precisely what I was going for. I guess I couldn’t be as “careless” as I am when I just want to check the color on a random paper.

Inktober 16 versión 1

Creativity, come to me

But I did like how the girl and her little umbrella turned out, so I wanted to give it a second try, even if the idea and concept wasn’t exactly the same.

In a different piece of watercolor paper, I did some splatter-like stains in a bunch of colors, using a lot of water, tilting the paper and blowing on it to create longer strokes. Then I put both images together in photoshop and played around with it a lot before settling on the final piece.

Inktober16 fb size

The birth of ideas


What do you think? Personally, next to Day 14, it’s my favorite so far.

Inktober 11/31

Day 10

I’ve had one of these chinese-type brushes for ages. It’s not fancy at all, and I’ve always been intrigued by chinese paintings and sumi-e. While of course this isn’t sumi-e, I wanted to do something along the lines of simple brush strokes that already conveyed something. As I didn’t sketch before I started painting, I ran out of paper too early, which is why it’s cropped in a weird place. Oops.


Wondering things about life.


Day 11

Now, I was really missing some color! I really wanted to try the thing I’ve seen other artists do -paint first, do the outlines later (at least for the character). While it didn’t turn out as it was in my head, I still like the result! I colored with watercolor markers and outlined with ink. Same with the background, which was inspired by the line-drawing videos I’ve been watching lately.


A mix between spring (here) and autumn (the northern hemisphere) right now.

Thoughts :)?

Inktober 4/31

Day 3

I’ve been obsessed with cookies all my life. Especially chocolate cookies, if they have cream or chocolate chips, even better. My current love affair is with these ones:


You totally didn’t need a picture, but they’re sooooo good.

The company that makes them is from here, Chile, but wikipedia tells me they export to a lot of countries, so if you have cookie needs, you may want to try and find them. ANYWAY.

Because of my love of cookies and my forever-there dark circles (you don’t need a picture, you’ll just have to trust me).. have you seen Pocahontas? Yes. I’m the raccoon. All the way.

FB size+url

Professional cookie thief.

The lines are traditonally made, with a ballpoint pen. As that pen smears with water or markers and I wanted some color, I went to Photoshop for a little coloring. It looks a lot more digital (lines included) than I’d have liked, but overall I like it!

Day 4

Now that I think about it, both this entry and the one from yesterday put totally different drawings in the same post. Sorry about that. Now that I’m up to date posting the inktober pictures, I’ll probably be able to post one a day.

I love calligraphy and lettering, so I really wanted to mix something written with a picture. For some reason, a picture of a lonely (and probably smaller than pictured here) jellyfish in the big ocean flared in my head. I thought about making it swim in the sky, with clouds and all, but for the phrase  to make sense, it kinda had to be the ocean.

I tried out some writing, but my handwriting tends to get weird when I particularly want it to be pretty. I tried with fonts on the computer, but it looked weird. So I settled for looking at a font I liked and mimicking it with a black penbrush, and then putting it together with the image with Photoshop.


What do we do? We swim, swim, swim

So what do you think? Have any suggestions for the next inktober entry?
PS: Just in case, I’m not cheating inktober :p I’ve been posting these daily on my instagram and facebook page.