Inktober 27/31

Day 27

As you may already know, I’m prone to headaches and this one accompanied me for quite a few hours (and actually it survived the night and stuck to me next morning, the clingy little bastard), even as I got back home from the dentist in the afternoon and tried to be productive. Needless to say, my energy was drained and I was pretty useless.

(Heh, at least I managed the inktober entry).


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Inktober 17/31

Day 17

I’m prone to headaches, and on this day I got a very persistent one and it refused to go away for 7+ hours, even after taking some medicine (usually I try to get by without taking anything, but it was getting strong and I needed to get things done).  Luckily it wasn’t a migraine, or it would have rendered me completely useless (I’m usually too sensitive to light and wear sunglasses daily when outside, but with a migraine, I just need a dark cave).

So.. yep. I drew what was exactly on my mind.

Inktober 17 fb size

Just… why.