Feel good friday II

For the second  Feel-good friday, I leave you with this! An entry of the Letter It August challenge and one from the Daily Doodle challenge 😀

LC 16

Letter it august day 16

Tools: Zig clean color real brush markers + 90 gsm (24 lb I think) paper.


DD17 Pretzel

Daily doodle challenge day 17


Tools: 0.5 Sakura micron fineliner, pentel watercolors, number 2 brush, 165 gsm (90 lb) paper.


Timeless Tuesday I

This one always makes me laugh. Prompt for the drawing was “Calligraphy”.


Inktober 31/31

Day 29

When I get allergies, I get them bad. I blame the spring, (beautiful, though) harsh mistress that it is. I can go from perfectly fine to unable to breathe through the nose in like 30 minutes, after an endless succession of sneezes and then stay sick for a couple of days.

I felt really bad so I tried my best to do something simple to both get the inktober entry done and cheer myself up.

Inktober day 29

Also known as the Snot Queen. But that’s not as fabulous.

Day 30

Still sick. I don’t even remember what I did most of the day, all I knew was that my head was pounding and that for some reason, I craved chocolate all day. Not that I need a reason to want to eat chocolate (choco-holic right here), but I was really drawn to it. Maybe I just needed sugar? Or the endorphins?

(I did have some chocolate, in the end).

Inktober day 30

Black circles are accurately represented. Trust me.

Day 31

The last daaay! Initially, to follow last year’s Halloween drawing, I sketched myself in a InuYasha costume, but then I decided only some people would get that it was me or recognize the suit, so I settled for something more obviously Halloween-y. I colored with copic markers and I messed up the background a bit, it’s so hard to cover big areas! (And I’m not very experienced with copics) But I think I did an okay job fixing it digitally 🙂

We don’t carve pumpkins here and Halloween has started being celebrated more massively (not even close to North America tho) just recently, but the pumpkin is such a Halloween symbol and I’ve seen Halloween stuff plastered everywhere today, so… why not?

Inktober day 31

I hope y’all had a fun and safe Halloween!

Inktober 27/31

Day 27

As you may already know, I’m prone to headaches and this one accompanied me for quite a few hours (and actually it survived the night and stuck to me next morning, the clingy little bastard), even as I got back home from the dentist in the afternoon and tried to be productive. Needless to say, my energy was drained and I was pretty useless.

(Heh, at least I managed the inktober entry).


Current mood

Inktober 23/31

Day 22

On this day, we celebrated my grandma’s birthday again (hahaha) and I got home kinda late.. and then, for some reason, everything I tried to draw came out wrong. It was weird, not as I intended and I couldn’t fix it.. I felt really blocked, frankly.

After several failed drawings, I settled on something I just needed to get out of my chest.

And to be honest, I didn’t like the result either. But I was done trying to make something cool. I just didn’t wanna break my inktober streak. 21 days already, I couldn’t give up just then.


Day 23

Next day, I was still feeling kinda bummed, art-wise. Things still refused to go my way. But, like the day before, I wasn’t gonna give up entirely, I needed my inktober entry!

So while I wanted to do something more complex, I settled on an encouraging quote to cheer myself up, using masking fluid for the lettering and colored inks for the background. While I was still annoyed as I worked, the end result did cheer me up a little, so I call it a success. Also, I hadn’t done lettering in a while! My handwriting may be a little weird, but any practice helps.

Inktober23 ig size+

Tea (& milk) also helps soothe the soul.

Inktober 20/31

Day 20

October 21st is my grandmother’s birthday. Since it would be a small celebration (for now), I volunteered to make a little cake. I love making pastries, but my self control is too little when it comes to sweet, yummy things, so I don’t make them very often.

That is also why I still haven’t figured out why the oven hates me so much. It either burn things, burns the sides or makes it look plain weird. In this case, the pan proved to be way too small for the amount of dough and it just became a waterfall of dough and making a giant mess.


Baking fail.

I *could* save a good chunk of the dough and get it properly baked, but it looked like a cake with a radioactive mutation or something.

It tasted pretty good, tho.

Inktober 19/31

Day 19

I was a little dry for ideas… that was, until I took a good look at my (messy) desk. There was a little plastic container full of thumbtacks.

Hmmm. I thought.

Uh! what if it was giant?

Why not? It could be a strange land. The land of thumbtacks. Or it was the sacred thumbtack. 

Oh! I know…!

The Adventures of the to-do list!


I shall not let procrastination win!