Feel good friday II

For the second ¬†Feel-good friday, I leave you with this! An entry of the Letter It August challenge and one from the Daily Doodle challenge ūüėÄ

LC 16

Letter it august day 16

Tools: Zig clean color real brush markers + 90 gsm (24 lb I think) paper.


DD17 Pretzel

Daily doodle challenge day 17


Tools: 0.5 Sakura micron fineliner, pentel watercolors, number 2 brush, 165 gsm (90 lb) paper.

Inktober 28/31

Day 28

I’d had a visual in my head for a couple of days now. I’m not sure why, but I’m really into flowers lately. I plan to do a calendar for next year, so I was trying to come up with images that weren’t related necessarily to the seasons.

Initially, the eye was supposed to be looking forward directly, but when I painted it, two things happened: one, probably due to the eyelashes, the eye’s gaze was redirected somewhere else; and two, the colors I chose for the first layer looked coincidentally a lot like a globe’s.

Given the fact that there was a rose (took one of my photos as a reference) next to it, it evolved into this whole concept of Mother Nature looking on, it reminded me so much of this beautiful video I saw a while back:

I try to be conscious of the environment, and despite the lack of recycling culture in my country, I do the best I can, trying to repurpose things and using discarded cardboard for crafts and projects.

So I really like how it turned out: Her hair dense, thick and kind of curly, the flower in bloom, the watchful eye.


The world is watching..

I cropped it a little to post on my instagram, and I’m not sure which version I like better, though I’m leaning towards the cropped one. What do you think?



Inktober 19/31

Day 19

I was a little dry for ideas… that was, until I took a good look at my (messy) desk. There was a little plastic container full of thumbtacks.

Hmmm. I thought.

Uh! what if it was giant?

Why not? It could be a strange land. The land of thumbtacks. Or it was the sacred thumbtack. 

Oh! I know…!

The Adventures of the to-do list!


I shall not let procrastination win!

Inktober 18/31

Day 18

Regardless of ability, sing like nobody’s watching.


Con teeee partirooo.. su navi per mariiiii..


I love to sing, but I don’t know how to do it properly. You’re supposed to sing with “your” voice, and I have a tendency to imitate whatever voice the singer has, which is why I get a sore throat after too many songs in a row, in particular if the pitch is too different to mine. The other day, I couldn’t stop listening (and butchering trying to sing) “Time to say goodbye” by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli¬†, and if you¬†know that song… well.. it’s very, very hard.Inktober18-2
My voice was¬†partially¬†destroyed within minutes. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy trying to sing, though! You feel so majestic even if your vocals actually suck xD I was by myself, so that gives you all the freedom to be awful with no consequences :p


Inktober 15/31

Day 15

I didn’t really know what to draw on this day, but I knew I wanted to follow Illustration Friday’s theme of the week , which was “star”. I used one photo I took of my niece years ago as reference for the pose and clothes.

I tried out a paper that -turns out- wasn’t¬†very watercolor-friendly and I had a lot of color-on-color stains. I cleaned them out to the best of my ability after scanning, but for some reason I still felt the image was not good enough to submit to Illustration Friday, so I didn’t. While now that days have passed I like the overall image a bit more, I’m still a little sad the original picture is all stained on my sketchbook ūüė¶

On the other hand, I’ve tried to stay away from what I’m used to, drawing more anime-like faces, and sometimes it’s really hard for me to portray good emotion with a non-cartoony or anime face. At least in that regard, I’m happy.

Inktober15 fb size_

The little things.


Inktober 13/31

Day 13

This day was a full one. Not only I had a dentist appointment that ended up being surprisingly painful (not that going to the dentist is EVER fun, but past times with this particular dentist were almost pain-free), but later on we had to empty a room on the second floor that we pretty much used as an attic (aka it has so many things -half of them we have to get rid of) for the next day, because it’d be getting a new floor.

I ended up carrying downstairs a whole lot of stuff, some light, some not at all. It took a strain on my bad knees I kept feeling a few days later, but I definitely felt like a super-woman for a little while. While I am embarrassingly sedentary, I do have a decent amount of upper body strength. That said, I was pretty tired when we were done, so I decided to do something simple for the inktober of the day.

Inktober 13 FBSize

EXCUSE ME, coming through!

Inktober 9/31

Day 7

I don’t remember why, but this day was particularly insane. I didn’t know what to draw and after my initial idea kind of failed, I decided to do a “cover” for my inktober thingies. Well, sort of. I’m not entirely happy with how it turned out, but I still like the idea.

Inktober 7 fbsize-

Trying to do cool handwriting is haaard.

Day 8

October 8th, the most awesome and majestic day of the year… yes: it’s my birthday ūüėÄ Since it was a very busy (and so full of food I could practically roll by the end of the evening), I did a quick drawing, of course, about the topic.

Inktober 8 FB size

YES, I’m one of those annoying people in love with their own birthday.

Day 9

The following day, as there were still leftovers from the celebration the day before, I felt I needed to do a little comic strip, again straight out of real life..

Inktober 9 fb size

Inktober9 part 2

(And as if to punish me for the joke and my super healthy eating, I got sick shortly after posting the comic on social media. Oh, the irony.)

In case you were curious,¬†once¬†is a meal we have in Chile, before or instead of dinner. It’s typically tea/coffee + a sandwich and/or a small pastry.