Inktober 21/31

Day 21

The October 21st! The birthday of the most awesome silver haired lady of them all! (Aka my badass grandma).

I wanted to make something that would show her deep love of vegetables and her unbreakable sense of independence. Sadly I didn’t have much time to get it done, but I did what I could 🙂

Hope the image quality isn’t too bad! Both the banner image and the one below were taken with a phone camera. I didn’t have a chance to scan it (or take proper pictures) before giving it away.


Not a hair out of place, no matter how rough the adventure ♥

Inktober 20/31

Day 20

October 21st is my grandmother’s birthday. Since it would be a small celebration (for now), I volunteered to make a little cake. I love making pastries, but my self control is too little when it comes to sweet, yummy things, so I don’t make them very often.

That is also why I still haven’t figured out why the oven hates me so much. It either burn things, burns the sides or makes it look plain weird. In this case, the pan proved to be way too small for the amount of dough and it just became a waterfall of dough and making a giant mess.


Baking fail.

I *could* save a good chunk of the dough and get it properly baked, but it looked like a cake with a radioactive mutation or something.

It tasted pretty good, tho.

Inktober 19/31

Day 19

I was a little dry for ideas… that was, until I took a good look at my (messy) desk. There was a little plastic container full of thumbtacks.

Hmmm. I thought.

Uh! what if it was giant?

Why not? It could be a strange land. The land of thumbtacks. Or it was the sacred thumbtack. 

Oh! I know…!

The Adventures of the to-do list!


I shall not let procrastination win!

Inktober 18/31

Day 18

Regardless of ability, sing like nobody’s watching.


Con teeee partirooo.. su navi per mariiiii..


I love to sing, but I don’t know how to do it properly. You’re supposed to sing with “your” voice, and I have a tendency to imitate whatever voice the singer has, which is why I get a sore throat after too many songs in a row, in particular if the pitch is too different to mine. The other day, I couldn’t stop listening (and butchering trying to sing) “Time to say goodbye” by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli , and if you know that song… well.. it’s very, very hard.Inktober18-2
My voice was partially destroyed within minutes. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy trying to sing, though! You feel so majestic even if your vocals actually suck xD I was by myself, so that gives you all the freedom to be awful with no consequences :p


Inktober 17/31

Day 17

I’m prone to headaches, and on this day I got a very persistent one and it refused to go away for 7+ hours, even after taking some medicine (usually I try to get by without taking anything, but it was getting strong and I needed to get things done).  Luckily it wasn’t a migraine, or it would have rendered me completely useless (I’m usually too sensitive to light and wear sunglasses daily when outside, but with a migraine, I just need a dark cave).

So.. yep. I drew what was exactly on my mind.

Inktober 17 fb size

Just… why.

Inktober 16/31

Day 16

I always use a small piece of leftover watercolor paper to try out colors before using them on a piece. More often than not, these small pieces of paper have the most varied and cool mix of colors and a very random pattern. Sometimes, they’re rather pretty. I really wanted to emulate those careless and colorful strokes as rain, but while the final result looks fun, it wasn’t precisely what I was going for. I guess I couldn’t be as “careless” as I am when I just want to check the color on a random paper.

Inktober 16 versión 1

Creativity, come to me

But I did like how the girl and her little umbrella turned out, so I wanted to give it a second try, even if the idea and concept wasn’t exactly the same.

In a different piece of watercolor paper, I did some splatter-like stains in a bunch of colors, using a lot of water, tilting the paper and blowing on it to create longer strokes. Then I put both images together in photoshop and played around with it a lot before settling on the final piece.

Inktober16 fb size

The birth of ideas


What do you think? Personally, next to Day 14, it’s my favorite so far.

Inktober 15/31

Day 15

I didn’t really know what to draw on this day, but I knew I wanted to follow Illustration Friday’s theme of the week , which was “star”. I used one photo I took of my niece years ago as reference for the pose and clothes.

I tried out a paper that -turns out- wasn’t very watercolor-friendly and I had a lot of color-on-color stains. I cleaned them out to the best of my ability after scanning, but for some reason I still felt the image was not good enough to submit to Illustration Friday, so I didn’t. While now that days have passed I like the overall image a bit more, I’m still a little sad the original picture is all stained on my sketchbook 😦

On the other hand, I’ve tried to stay away from what I’m used to, drawing more anime-like faces, and sometimes it’s really hard for me to portray good emotion with a non-cartoony or anime face. At least in that regard, I’m happy.

Inktober15 fb size_

The little things.