Mall Fair

Sorry it’s been so long!

I have been entirely consumed by preparing myself for the holidays, and more urgently, this fair.

It’s in Viña del Mar (Chile), inside a trendy mall by the beach. There are a bunch of creators and distributors here, it is certainly a good destination for getting your Christmas shopping on, hehe.

My booth ♥ I put a lot of love into it.

My heart aches for leaving my puppy alone for so many hours a day, even if she has everything she needs and she’s technically not that much of a puppy anymore xD.

Some of my hand painted non-Christmas cards.


The only non handmade item in my booth are these mini washi tapes I found a while back. I thought it’d be a good addition to the booth and it was! They are very popular.

I appreciate everyone who came out to see me so much, family, friends, and especially those that stayed with me a few hours or brought me food ♥

Surrounded by colorful things and stationery.. can it be like this forever?

Simple Sunday I

For the first Simple Sunday, here’s some of the entries on Sealemon’s daily doodle challenge: one simple drawing each day, based on a prompt.

Day 1 - Prompt: Triangles

Day 1 – Prompt: Triangles

Day 2 - Prompt: Cactus.

Day 2 – Prompt: Cactus.

Day 3 - Prompt: Watermelon

Day 3 – Prompt: Watermelon

All of them are quite small, since it’s easier for me not to get too carried away with details that way. Trying to keep it simple! That way there’s no pressure 🙂

Tools: 90lb paper, sakura micron 0.5 pen and pentel watercolors.

Inktober 25/31

Day 25

Here, I decided to use two things I’m not very experienced with: the pentel brush pen and the kuretake zig watercolor markers. I’m still unsure the set I got on Amazon for these markers wasn’t half dry already (despite it had the closed packaging and everything), since they seem a lot drier than I saw in demonstrations on youtube. But regardless, I wanna learn how to use them.

I had a sketch I had done a while ago just waiting to be colored 🙂 so I did, and then I made the lines with the brush pen. I think I’m getting slightly better at making consistent thinner lines, though a lot of the lines still came out a lot thicker than intended.. but it’s all good for practice!

I added a little digital background to finish up the piece.

Inktober day 25

Wondering what would it take..

Inktober 21/31

Day 21

The October 21st! The birthday of the most awesome silver haired lady of them all! (Aka my badass grandma).

I wanted to make something that would show her deep love of vegetables and her unbreakable sense of independence. Sadly I didn’t have much time to get it done, but I did what I could 🙂

Hope the image quality isn’t too bad! Both the banner image and the one below were taken with a phone camera. I didn’t have a chance to scan it (or take proper pictures) before giving it away.


Not a hair out of place, no matter how rough the adventure ♥

Inktober 19/31

Day 19

I was a little dry for ideas… that was, until I took a good look at my (messy) desk. There was a little plastic container full of thumbtacks.

Hmmm. I thought.

Uh! what if it was giant?

Why not? It could be a strange land. The land of thumbtacks. Or it was the sacred thumbtack. 

Oh! I know…!

The Adventures of the to-do list!


I shall not let procrastination win!

Inktober 9/31

Day 7

I don’t remember why, but this day was particularly insane. I didn’t know what to draw and after my initial idea kind of failed, I decided to do a “cover” for my inktober thingies. Well, sort of. I’m not entirely happy with how it turned out, but I still like the idea.

Inktober 7 fbsize-

Trying to do cool handwriting is haaard.

Day 8

October 8th, the most awesome and majestic day of the year… yes: it’s my birthday 😀 Since it was a very busy (and so full of food I could practically roll by the end of the evening), I did a quick drawing, of course, about the topic.

Inktober 8 FB size

YES, I’m one of those annoying people in love with their own birthday.

Day 9

The following day, as there were still leftovers from the celebration the day before, I felt I needed to do a little comic strip, again straight out of real life..

Inktober 9 fb size

Inktober9 part 2

(And as if to punish me for the joke and my super healthy eating, I got sick shortly after posting the comic on social media. Oh, the irony.)

In case you were curious, once is a meal we have in Chile, before or instead of dinner. It’s typically tea/coffee + a sandwich and/or a small pastry.