Learning: textile printing

New class! This time, all about hand printing on fabric. While I have my eye out on places or ways to print my illustrations into fabric, I’m also interested in hand printing other kinds of designs. We’re a couple classes in and so far, so good!

First up: designing a stamp to cut by hand.

Might have gotten a little carried away

I may have gotten a little cross eyed but it was worth it.

Aaand it’s a stamp!

And then I went a little nuts stamping.

Learning: Abstract Painting

I recently took a “Spontaneous Painting” class, for acrylics. I didn’t know what exactly they would teach me, but I knew it would work wonders to make me lose my fear of painting (you know, the traditional on canvas painting -even if in the class we mostly used paper).

This is my super not staged photo, lol.

Subject: City of the Future.

We worked with painting knifes (I believe that’s the word?) and it was a lot more fun than I ever expected. Especially since the class was nearby my home town, it was so great, most classes take place in the capital, 2 hours (and lots of money) away.

I hope to learn a lot of new things this year! I’m taking suggestions 😉

Ninja class

Ninja as in “I was a ninja in getting to that class” kind of way. My former uni had a free class on.. er.. engraving? Google is not helping me to find the word. It is the system where you carve a piece of wood or foam, put ink on it and then sandwich it between a piece of paper and a press. I know it has a proper name in english, but I can’t find it.


The class was for students and alumni, and even while I was the only one not currently studying there and it was a bit odd, I don’t regret it one bit. We did fun things and even when I did know the basics of the subject, going to a class like this always opens up possibilities and motivates you to not only practice but try new things. And obviously, you can play around with the materials and everything is there, ready for you to use.

We finished the class quite late, but it was all good! That way I got to skip rush hour, being all crammed in a bus is no picnic when you’re carrying fresh painted things.

Mi grabado favorito.