Christmas fair 2016

Christmas fair booth ♥

A daytime look.

So the following day after the Mall Fair ended, this fair started! I will admit it has been tough, because they’re very long hours and I gotta restock and make things in whatever time is leftover. Or, you know, try to work when I’m *at* the fair and it’s not a very busy time (and if it’s not too windy).

Working at the fair

Still working

One of the days, I didn’t have time to make myself lunch or a sandwich and the usual vendors that show up daily to sell us food were nowhere in sight. As I was texting people to share my food troubles, one of my friends showed up on the way to a reunion just to bring me a sandwich and cookies. It was the sweetest thing!! I could feel the love~

Friendship goals right here

Shortly after my friend gave me the food, my dear Abue (granny) showed up and brought me what she knows is one of my favorite summer dishes: porotos granados (it’s a Chilean bean-corn dish served hot). I had to make space in my belly to eat it haha because I HAD TO. So much love in my food that day. She also stayed for a few hours with me.

Food = Love

She got cold at some point and I gave her my scarf for her to wear. She looked so cool I took her photo, and after she left, I decided to draw her.

Not posting the actual photo of her I took because I value my own life.

Mall Fair

Sorry it’s been so long!

I have been entirely consumed by preparing myself for the holidays, and more urgently, this fair.

It’s in Viña del Mar (Chile), inside a trendy mall by the beach. There are a bunch of creators and distributors here, it is certainly a good destination for getting your Christmas shopping on, hehe.

My booth ♥ I put a lot of love into it.

My heart aches for leaving my puppy alone for so many hours a day, even if she has everything she needs and she’s technically not that much of a puppy anymore xD.

Some of my hand painted non-Christmas cards.


The only non handmade item in my booth are these mini washi tapes I found a while back. I thought it’d be a good addition to the booth and it was! They are very popular.

I appreciate everyone who came out to see me so much, family, friends, and especially those that stayed with me a few hours or brought me food ♥

Surrounded by colorful things and stationery.. can it be like this forever?

Ninja class

Ninja as in “I was a ninja in getting to that class” kind of way. My former uni had a free class on.. er.. engraving? Google is not helping me to find the word. It is the system where you carve a piece of wood or foam, put ink on it and then sandwich it between a piece of paper and a press. I know it has a proper name in english, but I can’t find it.


The class was for students and alumni, and even while I was the only one not currently studying there and it was a bit odd, I don’t regret it one bit. We did fun things and even when I did know the basics of the subject, going to a class like this always opens up possibilities and motivates you to not only practice but try new things. And obviously, you can play around with the materials and everything is there, ready for you to use.

We finished the class quite late, but it was all good! That way I got to skip rush hour, being all crammed in a bus is no picnic when you’re carrying fresh painted things.

Mi grabado favorito.

Family trolling

I was gonna leave this post for my spanish blog only since it’s all in spanish (and even kinda chilean), but I haven’t posted here in a while!

My uncle’s birthday is coming up, and since getting gifts for guys is hard enough as it is, I decided to make him a custom painted mug, with the touch of our family: we are trolls.

It reads: “More stubborn than a Galdames – impossible”.

Galdames is our surname, in case it wasn’t clear :p


I wear glasses. Not permanently, but very often, as I have to focus on detailed things a lot. But the thing is, I’m also very light sensitive, so wearing sunglasses when I’m out is a must. So that means drawing outside is a bit of a nightmare, because I have to choose which glasses to wear, and screw up my eye sight in one of two ways.

Still, I tried for a little while the other day. I didn’t last very long, but drawing outside did feel super artsy. Here’s a picture.

Lil plants from my aunt’s garden.

New things

I’ve been exploring new ways of making notebooks, and brown paper and shiny covers are among my favorites.

I like everything that has to do with stamping, and a while back I took a class to carve your won stamps, so I can have my own designs that nobody will match exactly, because they’re handmade 🙂

Brown paper hand stamped as covers of these notebooks.

Also, I wanna incorporate recycling as much as I can into my work, and since I haven’t learned how to make recycled paper just yet (I don’t have the space or the tools at the moment 😦 – so I separate them and put them next to the trash so people that sell them can take them), I decided to wrap cereal box covers with shiny paper and make notebooks (because I love them).

And it looks so fancy.


Feel good friday II

For the second  Feel-good friday, I leave you with this! An entry of the Letter It August challenge and one from the Daily Doodle challenge 😀

LC 16

Letter it august day 16

Tools: Zig clean color real brush markers + 90 gsm (24 lb I think) paper.


DD17 Pretzel

Daily doodle challenge day 17


Tools: 0.5 Sakura micron fineliner, pentel watercolors, number 2 brush, 165 gsm (90 lb) paper.