Life update & I’m back!

I’m aware of how horrible I’ve been at posting consistently on this blog, but a lot of things have changed in my RL right now. For starters, and I know this is totally unrelated to the theme of this blog..


I got a puppy! Isn’t she cute?

I’m also very much preparing my own business, I’ve taken care of most of the boring side (legal and tax stuff), only a few things remain in that aspect, but I’m so happy to finally be making more of the things I really love, like stationery, notebooks and soon hopefully be sewing my own bags (totes and messenger bags, mostly).. everything illustrated, of course!


Hello! Yes, that’s me. It’s cold. I live in the southern hemisphere -it’s winter here.

I’ve been making notebooks for a while now, selling in little markets here and there, but I wanna make it official, and more than anything, launch the online shop. Nothing fancy, but very pretty and functional.

I’ve also joined 2 (maybe 3?) daily art challenges for August, so I can keep myself motivated and inspired. I’ll be posting them in my main instagram or my brand new lettering/calligraphy instagram, and I’ll post weekly roundups on all the challenges once or twice per week, and hopefully more fun stuff in between.

See ya soon!


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