Inktober 28/31

Day 28

I’d had a visual in my head for a couple of days now. I’m not sure why, but I’m really into flowers lately. I plan to do a calendar for next year, so I was trying to come up with images that weren’t related necessarily to the seasons.

Initially, the eye was supposed to be looking forward directly, but when I painted it, two things happened: one, probably due to the eyelashes, the eye’s gaze was redirected somewhere else; and two, the colors I chose for the first layer looked coincidentally a lot like a globe’s.

Given the fact that there was a rose (took one of my photos as a reference) next to it, it evolved into this whole concept of Mother Nature looking on, it reminded me so much of this beautiful video I saw a while back:

I try to be conscious of the environment, and despite the lack of recycling culture in my country, I do the best I can, trying to repurpose things and using discarded cardboard for crafts and projects.

So I really like how it turned out: Her hair dense, thick and kind of curly, the flower in bloom, the watchful eye.


The world is watching..

I cropped it a little to post on my instagram, and I’m not sure which version I like better, though I’m leaning towards the cropped one. What do you think?



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