Inktober 26/31

Day 26

Again, kuretake zig clean color brushes (that is such a mouthful) practice! The colors are super vibrant, so they’re challenging to handle, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it :)! I used a white paint marker to outline the star, the girl and for some details in her hair (they didn’t come out as intended, but eh, happy accidents).

The scanner made the colors look a little weird, so I did my best to modify levels and saturation so it was as close to the original as possible. I confess I fixed a little purple stain on the star I couldn’t manage to get out in time (I momentarily wondered if I should just keep staining it on purpose, but I don’t think it would have looked too good..)

The theme alludes to my love of stars and Illustration Friday‘s  topic of the week: Adventure. (Also, last week’s topic was ‘star’ and I couldn’t quite get it right, so this is take two!)

Inktober day 26

Flying in the stars.

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