Inktober 23/31

Day 22

On this day, we celebrated my grandma’s birthday again (hahaha) and I got home kinda late.. and then, for some reason, everything I tried to draw came out wrong. It was weird, not as I intended and I couldn’t fix it.. I felt really blocked, frankly.

After several failed drawings, I settled on something I just needed to get out of my chest.

And to be honest, I didn’t like the result either. But I was done trying to make something cool. I just didn’t wanna break my inktober streak. 21 days already, I couldn’t give up just then.


Day 23

Next day, I was still feeling kinda bummed, art-wise. Things still refused to go my way. But, like the day before, I wasn’t gonna give up entirely, I needed my inktober entry!

So while I wanted to do something more complex, I settled on an encouraging quote to cheer myself up, using masking fluid for the lettering and colored inks for the background. While I was still annoyed as I worked, the end result did cheer me up a little, so I call it a success. Also, I hadn’t done lettering in a while! My handwriting may be a little weird, but any practice helps.

Inktober23 ig size+

Tea (& milk) also helps soothe the soul.

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