Inktober 16/31

Day 16

I always use a small piece of leftover watercolor paper to try out colors before using them on a piece. More often than not, these small pieces of paper have the most varied and cool mix of colors and a very random pattern. Sometimes, they’re rather pretty. I really wanted to emulate those careless and colorful strokes as rain, but while the final result looks fun, it wasn’t precisely what I was going for. I guess I couldn’t be as “careless” as I am when I just want to check the color on a random paper.

Inktober 16 versión 1

Creativity, come to me

But I did like how the girl and her little umbrella turned out, so I wanted to give it a second try, even if the idea and concept wasn’t exactly the same.

In a different piece of watercolor paper, I did some splatter-like stains in a bunch of colors, using a lot of water, tilting the paper and blowing on it to create longer strokes. Then I put both images together in photoshop and played around with it a lot before settling on the final piece.

Inktober16 fb size

The birth of ideas


What do you think? Personally, next to Day 14, it’s my favorite so far.

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