Inktober 15/31

Day 15

I didn’t really know what to draw on this day, but I knew I wanted to follow Illustration Friday’s theme of the week , which was “star”. I used one photo I took of my niece years ago as reference for the pose and clothes.

I tried out a paper that -turns out- wasn’t very watercolor-friendly and I had a lot of color-on-color stains. I cleaned them out to the best of my ability after scanning, but for some reason I still felt the image was not good enough to submit to Illustration Friday, so I didn’t. While now that days have passed I like the overall image a bit more, I’m still a little sad the original picture is all stained on my sketchbook 😦

On the other hand, I’ve tried to stay away from what I’m used to, drawing more anime-like faces, and sometimes it’s really hard for me to portray good emotion with a non-cartoony or anime face. At least in that regard, I’m happy.

Inktober15 fb size_

The little things.


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