Inktober 13/31

Day 13

This day was a full one. Not only I had a dentist appointment that ended up being surprisingly painful (not that going to the dentist is EVER fun, but past times with this particular dentist were almost pain-free), but later on we had to empty a room on the second floor that we pretty much used as an attic (aka it has so many things -half of them we have to get rid of) for the next day, because it’d be getting a new floor.

I ended up carrying downstairs a whole lot of stuff, some light, some not at all. It took a strain on my bad knees I kept feeling a few days later, but I definitely felt like a super-woman for a little while. While I am embarrassingly sedentary, I do have a decent amount of upper body strength. That said, I was pretty tired when we were done, so I decided to do something simple for the inktober of the day.

Inktober 13 FBSize

EXCUSE ME, coming through!

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