Inktober 12/31

Since day 12, 13 and 14 are massively different from each other, I decided to split them up in different posts.

Day 12

I’ve always been intrigued by abstract patterns, but I never considered myself any good at them, at least where they are meant to be random. I usually keep doing the same shapes so it doesn’t look random, it just looks weird.  Because of that, I’m kinda proud of how this came out!

I was watching some videos of line drawing by Lisa Congdon, and I followed her tips: first start making random shapes (in this case, triangles) and get a whole section full of them (in my case, my small sketchbook’s page).


Step one.

Then, start coloring some shapes as well as making lines/patterns on others, until you’re satisfied with its composition.


Step two.

That was supposed to be the final artwork, but I couldn’t resist adding some color, using some old Crayola markers.


It looks so different, right?

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