Inktober 11/31

Day 10

I’ve had one of these chinese-type brushes for ages. It’s not fancy at all, and I’ve always been intrigued by chinese paintings and sumi-e. While of course this isn’t sumi-e, I wanted to do something along the lines of simple brush strokes that already conveyed something. As I didn’t sketch before I started painting, I ran out of paper too early, which is why it’s cropped in a weird place. Oops.


Wondering things about life.


Day 11

Now, I was really missing some color! I really wanted to try the thing I’ve seen other artists do -paint first, do the outlines later (at least for the character). While it didn’t turn out as it was in my head, I still like the result! I colored with watercolor markers and outlined with ink. Same with the background, which was inspired by the line-drawing videos I’ve been watching lately.


A mix between spring (here) and autumn (the northern hemisphere) right now.

Thoughts :)?

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