Inktober 6/31

Whoops! The last week has been quite busy, so I hadn’t been able to post here. I did, however, keep up the challenge of inktober! I continue with my experiments and a wild collection of very different things, haha.

Day 5

Here I wanted to practice with the pentel brush pen, a tool that looks so freaking cool whenever an artist uses it on youtube, but that ends up being a lot harder to use than what you’d think, at least for me and my iffy pulse. Regardless, I wanna use it more!


Really, I just wanted to draw cool hair.

Day 6

Next up, something straight out of just.. life! I have perpetually cold feet (and hands, but at least those I can put on gloves, put beneath my thighs if I’m sitting.. but my feet will remain cold regardless of the amount of socks I put on. When it’s too cold, they hurt. The only thing that works is soaking them in hot water for a few minutes, which is what I do before bed on particularly cold nights so I can actually have a chance of falling asleep.

inktober 6 fb size

Words cannot describe this bliss.

Soon, the next few days 😀

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