Inktober 4/31

Day 3

I’ve been obsessed with cookies all my life. Especially chocolate cookies, if they have cream or chocolate chips, even better. My current love affair is with these ones:


You totally didn’t need a picture, but they’re sooooo good.

The company that makes them is from here, Chile, but wikipedia tells me they export to a lot of countries, so if you have cookie needs, you may want to try and find them. ANYWAY.

Because of my love of cookies and my forever-there dark circles (you don’t need a picture, you’ll just have to trust me).. have you seen Pocahontas? Yes. I’m the raccoon. All the way.

FB size+url

Professional cookie thief.

The lines are traditonally made, with a ballpoint pen. As that pen smears with water or markers and I wanted some color, I went to Photoshop for a little coloring. It looks a lot more digital (lines included) than I’d have liked, but overall I like it!

Day 4

Now that I think about it, both this entry and the one from yesterday put totally different drawings in the same post. Sorry about that. Now that I’m up to date posting the inktober pictures, I’ll probably be able to post one a day.

I love calligraphy and lettering, so I really wanted to mix something written with a picture. For some reason, a picture of a lonely (and probably smaller than pictured here) jellyfish in the big ocean flared in my head. I thought about making it swim in the sky, with clouds and all, but for the phrase  to make sense, it kinda had to be the ocean.

I tried out some writing, but my handwriting tends to get weird when I particularly want it to be pretty. I tried with fonts on the computer, but it looked weird. So I settled for looking at a font I liked and mimicking it with a black penbrush, and then putting it together with the image with Photoshop.


What do we do? We swim, swim, swim

So what do you think? Have any suggestions for the next inktober entry?
PS: Just in case, I’m not cheating inktober :p I’ve been posting these daily on my instagram and facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Inktober 4/31

  1. Cess007 says:

    I already mentioned to you how much i love raccoon you. You’re right, the design is so you that i can’t stop chuckling each time i see it lol

    And it’s really good to see you trying really different styles each day 🙂 Keep that going!

    PS. Is that a “Finding Nemo” reference in the footnotes of the second draw :p?


    • Chibasaur says:


      It wasn’t really intentional, to be honest! My tendencies are always towards the funny/cute stuff though :p you know it! I’m glad you’re enjoying it ♥

      PS: WHY OF COURSE. Well spotted.


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