Inktober 2/31

Hello there!

Why yes, I’m not dead. Sorry I’ve been gone for so long!
I decided what’s better to get into the swing of things than inktober? One drawing a day, using some kind of ink. I do have a lot of exciting plans for this blog, too! But in the meantime, this will be an awesome way to practice with a medium I haven’t worked with in aaages.

Day 1

I started as I should have, on October 1st! That day I went to a few lectures that got a little dull, so I did some doodles. This was my favorite, not so much a doodle anymore, at least in my book 😉


A self portrait isn’t complete without my dark circles. Forever a raccoon.


Day 2

On October 2nd (aka last night) I wanted to experiment a little with style, for both the drawing itself and the ‘coloring’. I hadn’t used ink (with a brush and water) in a long, long time. At least a year, and I always forget it’s quite different to watercolor, ahem. All in all , I kinda like it!



If you know of other blogs doing inktober (or if you’re doing it yourself) leave a comment! I’d love to check it out.

7 thoughts on “Inktober 2/31

  1. Cess007 says:

    I really like the first one. The second one it’s cool due the hair drawing technique, but something in the first one made me smile (maybe the eye’s dark circle? ^^?)


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