Words in watercolor

Ever since I knew how it was called, I’ve loved lettering. I don’t know if this classifies as actual lettering or not, but I love the aesthetic of a soft  background with a message on top, even if it’s hard for me to make those (I’m a lover of bright colors).

(Maybe the colors aren’t as soft as they should be for optimal effect, but I can’t help myself -I’m a work in progress). Here the word is formed with the absence of water (and paint). It was a little harder than expected, keep the water off where the word would be, while also maintaining a wet background so I could make a “dreamier” effect when applying the colors.

We all should, at least a little bit.

This next one was something I wanted to do for quite a while. I used embossing, though the embossing powder was a little rougher-looking and a little too yellow for my taste (it’s supposed to be colorless), so I tweaked the letters a little in photoshop, so they looked more white, as it was originally envisioned. Needless to say, it was a lot more freeing where the coloring was concerned since I didn’t have to worry about the water so much, but ironically, it may not look as free as the previous one. (It may be just me).

(it’s a beloved quote from my favorite tv show)

I’m quite fond of the color palette of both pieces, but this one is my favorite.

Do you have a favorite word? One of mine is daydream.

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