Ink flowers

I’ve always wanted to try the kind of painting that involves splatter and stains, either adding line artwork before or after that. I’ve more or less done so for school projects before, but having the lineart and textures/stains separate, and joining them in Photoshop.

I wanna learn how to do it traditionally too, it gives a different feeling. In this case, I tried ink, something I’m really a rookie with.

Creepy stare..

 started with a quick pencil sketch, but ended up just leaving the face to start coloring and creating the drawing with the colors. This would look drastically different once I put in the black lines, so I tried not to get too discouraged for how weird it looked at the moment.

There were plenty of mistakes along the way, but all is good for practicing, right?

Her eyes turned a lot sadder than I intended, but as I was creating most of the drawing as I went with ink, I couldn’t really backtrack. Still, I think it could tell a story this way too.

Girl with logo 500px

I feel she should be royalty of some kind.

In my head, she could be a reluctant princess. Certain circumstances  forced her to either take the throne or be presented to society to, most likely, get an arranged marriage with the neighbor kingdom to avoid war.

Or she’s the young maiden that offered herself  to save her family and her village from the furious volcano. The make up, crown and clothes designed to enhance the beauty and nobility of her sacrifice.

Or… something else. What do you think is the story behind this girl?  Comment below :D!

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